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About Us

Established 1997

Our History

Founded in July 1997 by Mr. AS Coetzer, DevTech Civils have grown to become an 8CE PE Contractor with a current BBBEE Rating of Level 1. Through the years, the DevTech Management Team have acquired extensive knowledge and specialize in the following sectors of Civil Engineering work:

•Project Management
•Bulk Earthworks - Industrial & Residential Projects
•Stormwater Drainage
•Sewer Reticulation
•Water Reticulation
•Canalization (Earthworks and Associated Linings)
•Industrial and Residential Paving
•Roadwork Construction
•Sports Fields
•Synthetic Turf Fields
•Township Developments
•Heavy Duty Container Parks
•Waste Transfer Stations
•Landfill Sites
•Motorsport Street Circuits
•Turnkey Projects


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Projects Completed

Years in Business

CIDB Grading

B-BBEE Level Contributor

Tendering & Contract Management

Our Company strives to Achieve Excellence on all our Projects with integrated management of Time, Scope, Cost, Quality, HSE (Health, Safety & Environment), Production and Stakeholders.

DevTech Civils tenders for work in both the public and private sectors, we have systems in place to ensure that each awarded project receives the proper organizational structure and management processes for a successful contract.

All awarded Projects will have a Contract Manager,
Site Agent and Foreman(s), who have various job descriptions. Support will be provided by a Safety Officer, Quality Officer, HR/IR Manager, Procurement Department and Project Management Department.

Site Supervision is a major focus within DevTech Civils to ensure excellent Quality and Performance.
Resources are allocated to meet the requirements of the Construction Programme and the Contract Period.

DevTech Civils internal company systems ensure that Safety Committees, Health and Safety Representatives, First Aiders, etc are appointed and trained on each site, thus complying with OHS Act Regulations.

Another focus of DevTech Civils is to develop the skills of our Labour Teams on each site.
We have skilled Team Leaders with an abundance of experience in the Construction Industry, and the Team Leaders transfer skills onto the unskilled workers as work tasks are performed.



With the base of the company firmly set, our focus
within the company is diverging into employee
training. We have created a training structure for
employees who have shown interest and the
motivation to progress through the ranks of our
organization. We have established a skills committee
that analyze the need for training within the different
sectors of the business and employees are given the
opportunity to train through the business and this
benefits both the Employer and Employee. This will be
the grounding for Black Economic Empowerment and
will facilitate greater job creation and satisfaction of
our employees. 

 We have also initiated the employment
of PDI students to help with their development in
becoming Site Technicians within our organization.
Our vision for Training and Development for the future
will be to provide in-house training to employees, by
competent trained personnel in our business.
This will allow students to be exposed to both
theoretical as well as practical on site experience. We
believe that this will give them the best foundation to
gain knowledge and vital experience in construction
methods and procedures in the industry.
At present DevTech Civils has a number of its
employees involved in training programs by
recognized training institutes that range from Health
and Safety, Quality Assurance and Civil Engineering.
These courses are aligned to the National
Qualifications Framework and are registered by the
respective associations.


Health, Safety and the Environment

Occupational Health and Safety is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the Safety, Health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The goal of all occupational Health and Safety programs are to foster a safe working environment.

Occupational Health and Safety has come a long way from its beginning in the heavy industry sector. It now has an impact on every worker, in every workplace.

We at DevTech are 110% committed to Health and Safety as well as the Environment and we strive to constantly improve HSE (Health Safety and Environmental) in our organization.
We have received many commendations for LTI free hours on Major Projects and Our Safety System is very in-depth and our clients can be assured that we are fully compliant with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment.

Health, Safety & the Environment


Quality Assurance, or QA for short, refers to a program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of
the various aspects of a project, service or facility to ensure that standards are being met.

At DevTech Civils, our quality is never
compromised. The Quality Management System at our organization controls all apsects of our construction activities ensuring compliance to the applicable quality standards.


We have incorporated the PDCA method into our quality management system and it works as follows:

PLAN – Establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired results.
DO – Implement the process developed.
CHECK – Monitor and evaluate the implemented process by testing the results against predetermined objectives
ACT – Apply actions necessary for improvement if the results require changes.

"A satisfied customer is the best Business Strategy of all -Micheal LeBoeuf

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